About Us

18 Apr 2016
by Alvin Lau

The Canadian Baptist Youth and Family Team began in 2000, bringing together representatives from our four regional partners (Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, Union d’Églises Baptistes Francophones Du Canada and Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches) and Canadian Baptist Ministries.

PURPOSE: As leaders in the family of Canadian Baptists, to advocate and make possible national and global synergies in the areas of youth, family and young adult ministry.


  1. Make possible national and global youth and young adult opportunities in 2 areas:
    1. leadership/event-based
    2. mutual mentoring
      1. cross-cultural learning experiences (e.g. Lebanon STM)
      2. cross-regional leadership opportunities
      3. cross-regional professional development, networking
  2. Facilitate Canadian Baptist youth and family leader gathering
  3. Pooling and cross-promoting resources (e.g. curriculum, leadership training, activities)
  4. Represent CBYouth to BWA
  5. National voice for Baptist youth and family
    1. shaping national denominational identity
    2. to the larger youth and family ministry context/groups (e.g. EFC)
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