Cluster Groups

07 Mar 2016
by jwilliams

Every delegate is assigned to a cluster group. Together, these groups will discuss the issues brought up by each speaker. With this information, this Forum will produce a document that will be shared amongst all our Canadian Baptist churches to highlight key issues they need to address as we support the upcoming generation.

GROUP 1 (with Tim McCoy and Tanya Yuen) in Simcoe.

Eric O
Erin D
Freddy L
Jason R
Jeff K
Mat W
Matt Sn
Micah L
Robin B
Ryan M
Tim C

GROUP 2 (with Renee Embree and Andrew Glidden) in King George

Curt E
Dan P
Dustin D
George M
Holly G
Jane M
Jean-Christophe J
Jodie L
Kathy M
Kevin H
Mike L
Rici B

GROUP 3 (with Jennifer Lau and Adrian Gardner) in Canadian A

Andy S
Brian S
Chris H
Clinton L
Dave S
Erin J
Jessica R
Jonathan R
Karra O
Kurt P
Matt Sa
Peter A
Tammy G

GROUP 4 (with Sam Chaise and Tammy Klassen) in Canadian B

Alexander C
Allison K
Eric W
Gary R
Gavin M
Hannah J
Jen M
Jon M
Karen W
Rene R
Sergio E
Tim T
Tyler G

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